Monday, October 30, 2006


#9 Florida 21, Georgia 14

For the first time in my life I watched/napped through a Gators win over the University of Georgia Bulldogs, but daddy says I shouldn’t get too excited because, after all, we do own them. Is it really a rivalry if one team has won 8 of the last 9, and 15 of the last 17? I don’t think so. Still, it’s nice that we keep them on our schedule every year…you know, to make them feel like they’re still a big-time program.

Anyway, our defense played well, but our offense was shakier than my lower lip when I’m about to cry. I like QB Chris Leak and all (I mean, we have the same hair line,) but when the pressure’s on he’s like the A-Rod of quarterbacks (cough, cough, choke!) In his defense, I’ve heard that he may have played half of the game with a mild concussion…suffered after he hit himself in the head after throwing an interception, of course.

I do like our freshman QB, Tim Tebow, despite his fumble in the 2nd half. He reminds me a lot of my sister Emmy: lots of energy, a little goofy, and always running. I plan on modeling my game on his when I’m the Gators’ quarterback in 2024…2025 at the latest.

On Monday the Gators moved up to #7 in the polls, and #4 in the BCS polls. If they win out (which they will, of course) they have a shot at playing for the national championship. Although of course I want my team to win, I’m a bit concerned that if they won it all daddy would go overboard with the orange and blue paraphernalia. I’m down with the Gator onesies, hats and booties, but I will draw the line at a “Official National Championship Diaper!”

Sunday, October 15, 2006


#11 Auburn 27, #2 Florida 17

We lost? To Auburn?!? More importantly, what the heck is an “Auburn?” The result of this game came as a great shock to me, as the Gators hadn’t ever lost a game in my lifetime. Quite frankly, I didn’t even think they were capable of losing (especially to a school named after a color; is “Turquoise Tech” on the schedule next year?) Still, I suppose you have to feel sorry for that school after the tragedy it suffered last week. You see, the library burned down, destroying all 10 of the university’s books. Even worse, half of them hadn’t been colored in yet!

In between feedings and naps, I could tell that my Gators were kicking butt in the first half. Sadly, it seems that during halftime the other team was able to switch our quarterback with a little girl. Fumble, interception, fumble…and that was just the 4th quarter! I was so upset, I pooped myself (repeatedly!) Sure, the refs blew a big call, but we Gators don’t make excuses. Besides, we get a week off to rest up and take our frustrations out on Georgia. Daddy says that when it comes to rivalries, Auburn is like the guy who cut you off in traffic, but Georgia is the ex-wife who cut you off in traffic while driving her new husband’s Ferrari on her way to the bank to cash your alimony check. Clearly, daddy hates Georgia (and is off his meds.)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


#5 Florida 23, #9 LSU 10

Ever since my heroic performance against Alabama, daddy has insisted that I always be present whenever the Gators are playing. Last Saturday I had a previous engagement to attend a birthday party for “Rebecca” (big sister Emmy’s friend,) but mommy promised daddy that I’d be home in time for the big game against Louisiana State. Many “experts” were predicting that LSU would upset us, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short time outside the womb, it’s that most so-called experts are idiots! I mean, lose in the Swamp? That’s something Coach Meyer has never done (they must have been thinking that Ron Zook was still running things!)

Anyway, the birthday party was fun, even though nobody gave me any presents. My big sisters Cameron and Emerson (who fight all the time over who gets to hold me next) had a good time, and the birthday cake looked yummy…and what goes great with cake? Milk, of course!!! I was happily enjoying my mid-day milk when suddenly I realized the game had already started; let me tell you...tike flies when you’re nursing! I tried to remind mommy that I had a date with daddy, but she just thought I wanted to be rocked to sleep (damn those cozy arms!) When I woke up I could sense it was halftime, at that my Gators were only ahead 14-7…my daddy needed me!

By the time we got home Florida had scored a safety on a muffed punt, and Tim Tebow had come into the game to throw a 35 yard TD pass, but daddy still rubbed me for good luck when LSU looked like it might stage a comeback in the 4th quarter (and immediately threw an interception…thanks to me, of course.) As a result of this big win, the Gators moved up to #2 in the polls on Monday…and I celebrated by going #2 in my diaper!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Grandma’s Gets Gator Goodies

I’m beginning to learn that Grandmas kick butt. First, Gigi Carol came down from Delaware last week and loved on me, and then Grandma Joan (at daddy’s request, of course) picked out a kick-butt Gator fabric for my crib. You see, mommy and daddy didn’t know if I was going to be a boy or a girl before I was born, so they made my room yellow (a color, I should note, that’s dangerously close to Florida State’s gold.) Now that I’m here, however, daddy seems pumped to pimp my crib in all things orange and blue. Seriously, someone needs to stop him before he paints the lawn!

Mommy put her foot down on re-painting the room Gator colors, but she did OK a few accents. In addition to the material for my crib, daddy was given permission to find a Gator mobile (he found one online that even plays the school fight song,) and I even heard him mention something about wallpaper border. Sweet! Anyway, I’ll post pictures of my room as it evolves into something befitting the world’s littlest Gator.


#5 Florida 28, Alabama 13

Although I was asleep for most of it, I’ll always remember September 30, 2006 as the day I sort-of-watched my first Gator football game (if not, I’m sure daddy will remind me.) Mommy and daddy’s friends “Grampy” Mark and “Grammy” Jan stopped by for the game, and although they’re not Gators, I have no complaints about them. For one thing, they brought me presents…call me shallow, but the fact is it really is all about me! Also, Grammy Jan was the one who cut my umbilical cord (daddy wussed out.) For that I will always love her…and also wonder why there wasn’t someone more qualified to do that job in the delivery room at the time!

I got passed around a lot while the game was on, which was nice even though it made me sleepy…damn those cozy arms! Daddy told me that the Gators were 4-0 and ranked fifth in the country coming into the game, and although Alabama was unranked, they’d somehow been able to beat us last year in Tuscaloosa (up until that day, I didn’t know the Gators could lose!) The game didn’t start out too well; we were losing 10-7 at halftime…or so I’m told, as I was, again, napping…and early in the fourth quarter we were only winning by one point. Clearly, my team needed me!

Daddy took me into his arms for the first time during the game, and immediately Chris Leak threw a 21 yard TD pass to Dallas Baker. As an aside, Dallas’ nickname is “The Touchdown Maker”; coincidentally, my nickname is the “Poop Maker, Heart Breaker.” Anyway, I got passed around again, but when it was daddy’s turn to hold me again, Reggie Nelson picked off a pass and ran it back 70 yards for another touchdown! Sadly, neither Baker nor Nelson has sent me a “thank-you” card, much less a scholarship offer!

It seemed I had become daddy’s good luck charm, and he vowed that he would never watch another Gator game without me by his side. I’m ok with this…as long as people keep showing up with presents!


Introducing “Action Jackson!”

Hello Gator Nation!

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Jackson, or as my clearly-insane daddy insists on calling me, “Action Jackson.” I’m only two weeks old, so this whole “blogging” thing is fairly new to me…of course, the same could be said about nearly everything. Anyway, I was born a boy, much to my daddy’s euphoria. I’m told that I have two big sisters, and although I know daddy loves them both very much, he keeps telling me it’s great to have somebody on his team. By “team,” I’m assuming he means the University of Florida Gators football squad, as it seems he’s obsessed with the subject. Like I said, he’s clearly insane.

I’m not sure what a Gator is, but then, I’m not sure what anything is (except my mommy; she’s the lady who feeds me…I like her a lot!) Daddy says I’m a Gator, or at least I will be one someday, which is OK I suppose. I’m pretty sure a Gator is somebody who wears orange and blue and hates something called the “Seminoles.” I’m not a hater (I’m very much a lover,) but I have to admit I look sharp in orange and blue. Very few people can pull off that look, but what can I say? I’m a looker! It’s a good thing, too, as crazy daddy seems intent on keeping me in those colors. And on that note…

…daddy says the whole point of this blog thingy is to share with family, friends and the Gator Nation my “Gator experiences.” He seems like a nice (if somewhat unhinged) guy, so I’ll humor him by posting pictures of me (like I said, I’m a looker) as well as stories of my indoctrination to the Gator lifestyle. On that note, I’ve already watched two football games with Daddy, and will tell you all about them in the next few posts.

Ok, it’s nap time, and I’m crankier than Bobby Bowden after this week’s humiliating loss to North Carolina State. Catch you Gator!